2023 Safety Excellence Award Program

Administered by the IBEW Local 595/NorCal NECA Joint Safety Committee and sponsored by the Alameda County LMCC and San Joaquin & Calaveras Counties LMCC

Project Rules

The IBEW Local 595/NorCal NECA Joint Safety Committee is proud to announce the 2023 Safety Excellence Award program to recognize excellence in safety on IBEW/NECA projects. Awards will be presented at the IBEW Local 595 Volunteer Appreciation Night in December for the following project types:

Commercial, Residential, Industrial or Sound & Communication.

For each project type, awards will be presented in two categories based on under and over 5,000 hours worked. Each entry must nominate a specific project completed by a Local 595 Signatory Contractor AND/OR a member of IBEW Local 595. Only projects within IBEW Local 595 jurisdictions (Alameda, Calaveras and San Joaquin Counties) that contribute to the Inside LMCC are eligible. Awards will be presented to the contractor and one IBEW Local 595 member associated with the project who has demonstrated steadfast safety practices. Awards will be based on actual safety records, as well as proactive efforts to promote safety in the workplace.

Project Criteria

  • The ratio of recordable injuries to hours worked during the calendar year.
  • Implementing improvements in safety process that result in injury reduction.
  • Increased employee awareness, and/or cost savings (team or individual).
  • Lost work days.
  • Work on the project must have been performed in the 2023 calendar year.

Completed forms must be received by September 29, 2023!!!

In the event a project qualifies for more than one category, or its category seems unclear, the Judging Committee will make the final determination as to the category. A Judging Committee consisting of equal NECA and IBEW representatives will review entries. No judges shall have conflicts of interest associated with projects or nominees.

Individual Criteria

  • Submit a written description of the nominee’s contribution of how this IBEW member displayed commitment to safety and involved others in that commitment.
  • Describe other contributions the nominee has made to job-site safety.

The application process has ended for the 2023 Safety Excellence Award Program.  We hope you will consider submitting a project in 2024!

Past Winners:

  • 2022 Award Winners
    • Collins Electrical Company, Inc.
    • Cupertino Electric, Inc.
  • 2021 Award Winners
    • Bockmon & Woody Electric Co., Inc.
    • Del Monte Electric Co., Inc.
    • McGrath Electric, Inc.
    • Morrow-Meadows
  • 2019 Award Winners
    • Morrow-Meadows
    • Prime Electric
  • 2018 Award Winers
    • Lloyd F. McKinney Associates, Inc.
    • Morrow-Meadows
    • Prime Electric
  • 2017 Award Winners
    • Lloyd F. McKinney Associates, Inc.
    • Prime Electric
  • 2016 Award Winners
    • Columbia Electric, Inc.
    • Rosendin Electric
    • SilMan Industries
  • 2015 Winners
    • Con J. Franke Electric, Inc.
    • Lloyd F. McKinney Associates, Inc.
    • SilMan Industries