Alameda, Modesto, Solano/Napa, Stockton and Technology Division Meetings

  • These Division meetings are held monthly
  • The primary purpose of the Division meeting is to assist Division Member Contractors by providing an opportunity to network with others in the industry and stay current on emerging issues, while contributing to the continuing evolution of the electrical contracting industry. Participation is essential for sharing views on common issues that arise in the industry, to learn from past actions and to brainstorm new ideas.

Building Committee

  • This Committee meets at the Call of the Chair
  • Members of the Building Committee are responsible to help oversee Chapter owned office space. They will review and recommend improvements and modifications to the space.

Bylaws Committee

  • This Committee meets at the Call of the Chair
  • The Bylaws Committee meets at the call of the Chair to consider and recommend modifications to the Chapter’s Bylaws.

Codes & Standards Committee and East Bay Uniform Code Committee (EBUCC)

  • These Committees meet monthly
  • The Codes & Standards Committee and EBUCC are both committed to advancing the cause of electrical safety and helping to improve the quality of electrical construction. Both committees are dedicated to providing a monthly educational forum where electrical building inspectors, NorCal NECA member contractors and IBEW members are exposed to current code practices, education, news and events.

Code Advisory Committee

  • This Committee meets at the Call of the Chair
  • An advisory group who assists in code clarity and ethics. This committee benefits from contractors and their customers by addressing and discussing the performance and quality issues that were, at best, subjective as provided in the National Electrical Code.

Future Leaders Group

  • This group meets quarterly
  • The Future Leaders Group cultivates the next generation of electrical contractors and NECA’s leadership. The program connects emerging professionals by offering events focused on networking and discussion topics to enhance their leadership skills and increase their involvement within the association, community and industry.

Government Affairs Committee

  • This Committee meets at the Call of the Chair
  • NECA actively works to advance legislation and policies that impact our contractors’ ability to operate efficiently, profitably, and in the best interest of their customers. NorCal NECA contractors and staff meet with elected officials at every level frequently throughout the year. This constant interaction allows us to develop relationships that enable us to influence legislative action.

Health & Welfare/Pension/Vacation Trusts

  • These Trusts meet quarterly
  • The Board of Trustees oversee the Health & Welfare, Pension and Vacation Trusts. The Trustees have sole and absolute discretion to administer or terminate any provisions of the Plans.
    • The Health & Welfare Trust is established to provide certain health and welfare benefits for eligible active employees, retirees and their dependents.
    • The Pension Trust is established to provide union members with retirement benefits that, in addition to Social Security benefits, will help them enjoy years of retirement.
    • The Vacation Trust was established to pay vacation benefits to union employees in an amount equal to the amounts contributed to the Plan on the union employees’ behalf.

Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC)

  • This Committee meets monthly
  • The JATC is a Joint Management and Labor committee that is responsible for the training of apprentices, journeyman, installers, technicians and all others (unindentured and intermediate journeymen, etc.).

Joint Safety Committee, IBEW 595 and NorCal NECA

  • This Committee meets monthly
  • The Joint Safety Committee is committed to safety both for workers on the job and for projects after the work is complete. Encouraging safe work practices is a key element in training, and supports ongoing safety awareness campaigns for contractors and workers. The IBEW/NECA Joint Safety Committee is also responsible to adopt and recommend safe work rules that are equal or greater than the Standards of Construction as established by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

Labor Management Committee (LMC)

  • This Committee meets at the Call of the Chair
  • The Labor Management Committee meets at the Call of the Chair to resolve grievances in the local jurisdiction.

Labor Management Cooperation Committee (LMCC)

  • This Committee meets Monthly or Quarterly, depending on the jurisdiction
  • The LMCC is established to improve communications between representatives of Labor and Management. The goal is to improve the relationship between signatory employers and the IBEW at all levels, to explore ways to work together to become more competitive, to implement programs that increase employment opportunities for our employers and their employees, and to promote the value of union electrical work to the end user.

Member Services Committee

  • This Committee meets monthly
  • The Member Services Committee is comprised of member contractors from each of our NorCal NECA jurisdictions who discuss, suggest and plan various member events and activities, as well as provide relevant education and training for NorCal NECA contractors and their management staff.

Northern California Electrical Construction Industry (NCECI)

  • The NCECI Trust meets quarterly
  • NCECI is a Labor-Management Cooperative Trust that was established to assist the state, federal and local governments with the enforcement of public works, prevailing wage and Davis-Bacon laws. In an effort to maintain a “level playing field” for the electrical construction industry, NCECI aggressively works to combat the unfair and damaging contracting practices, and ensure better and more productive standards for wage rates on public construction projects.

Negotiating Committee

  • This Committee meets at the Call of the Chair
  • It is the responsibility of this committee to conduct, on behalf of signatory contractors, negotiations of salary, fringe benefits, and working conditions with the IBEW.

Policy Advisory Committee

  • This Committee meets at the Call of the Chair
  • The purpose of the Policy Advisory Committee is to give guidance to the Negotiating Committee. All Division members are encouraged to participate in the Policy Advisory Committee for their area.