ELECTRI Releases New Study

Professional development opportunities are crucial for employers and employees in the electrical construction industry. In 2019, ELECTRI International initiated development of a project management training series geared toward electrical contractors. This report details the first phase of the new training series, knows as the Electrical Management Training (EMT). This training is a resource for new hires, newly promoted trade workers, and managerial employees seeking continuing education. The training is intended to help contractors build their managerial “bench strength.”

The research team proposed to develop training material that would teach content through personal experiences from current practitioners in a video format that was quick and easy to view. Included in this report are details from the study, which include: the necessary subject matter, the development of five videos for the first EMT course module and recommendations for the future development of the EMT course modules. Please click here to view the report. Please click here to view the video.