Helpful Tips for a Fire-Safe Holiday Season

Did you know that two of every five home decoration fires are started by candles? Or that nearly half of decoration fires happen because decorations are placed too close to a heat source?

NECA knows that winter holidays are a time for families and friends to get together, but also means a greater risk for fire. Following a few simple tips from the National Fire Protection Association will ensure a happy and fire-safe holiday season.

Holiday Decorating: 1) be careful with holiday decorations. Choose decorations that are flame resistant or flame retardant; 2) keep lit candles away from decorations and other things that can burn; 3) some lights are only for indoor or outdoor use, but not both; 4) replace any string of lights with work or broken cords or loose bulb connections. Read manufacturer’s instruction for number of lights strands to connect; 5) use clips, not nails, to hang lights so the cords do not get damaged; and 6) keep decorations away from windows and doors.

Holiday Entertaining: 1) test your smoke alarms and CO detectors and tell guests about your home fire escape plan; 2) keep children and pets away from lit candles; 3) keep matches and lighters up high in a locked cabinet; 4) stay in the kitchen when cooking on the stovetop; 5) ask smokers to smoke outside. Remind smokers to keep their smoking materials with them so young children do not touch them; and 6) provide large, deep ashtrays for smoker. Wet cigarette butts with water before discarding.

Finally, it’s always important to remember to blow out lit candles when you leave the room or go to bed and turn off all light strings and decorations before leaving home or going to bed.

Education Fund Credits for 2018

As the end of 2018 approaches, remember to submit your reimbursement requests for meetings and events attended in 2018. The deadline to submit for your 2018 education fund reimbursement is January 31, 2019. An accounting of remaining education fund credits will be sent to each Chapter member in the coming weeks. Take advantage of this member-only benefit and submit your reimbursement before the deadline. Questions? Contact Janet Siemens at the Chapter office.

ELECTRI International Releases New Publication

Every employer in every profession and industry benefits when they understand how to work with their employees – from attracting talent through the interview and selection process to engaging with the workforce to keep them motivated and productive throughout their careers. Electrical Contractors’ Guide for Great Employers, offers a step-by-step explanation of how electrical contractors can find best field and managerial talent and keep them as positive, engaged members of the employer’s work force.

NorCal NECA Directors and Officers

In recent weeks, each Chapter Division elected representatives to serve on the Chapter’s Board of Directors. In Alameda County, Brad Gill and Kim Sabin were both re-elected to the Board of Directors. Danny Mann was re-elected to represent the Modesto Division, Lewis Frain was re-elected to represent the Stockton Division, Ruben Perez was re-elected to represent the Napa/Solano Division and Rick McKinney was re-elected to represent the Technology Division. Click here to see the current composition of the NorCal NECA Board of Directors.

Special thanks to our Board members for their willingness to represent their peers and the industry.

New Features Added to Career Center

NECA’s Career Center is an innovative service that helps to connect contractors with quality workers in the electrical construction industry. Specifically for members, their employees and chapters, the career center features resumes from NECA Student Chapters and qualified industry professionals. Now with LinkedIn authentication, job applicants are no longer limited to signing into the system with a NECA user ID and password, making it easier for users wanting to join our workforce. Edit/delete capabilities have also been added for both job seekers posting resumes and contractors posting job descriptions. Should you have any questions, please contact Wanessa Alves for assistance.

NASCLA Announces Launch of Accredited Electrical License Exam Program

In 2014, the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) began to garnish interest from multiple industry stakeholders about interest in developing a common licensing exam for electrical contractors and electricians. The idea is that this exam would reciprocate with current licensing programs that exist at the state level. NECA was one of several industry groups that were approached for support of such an effort. Roughly four years of effort by multiple trade associations and organizations has resulted in the new examinations. NASCLA has just launched the new program and is promoting it to state licensing agencies for acceptance and reciprocity. Read more here.

Board of Directors Annual Planning Meeting Held

The Chapter’s Board of Directors met on November 1st – 3rd, for its annual planning retreat. During the two day event, the Board reviewed and discussed the Chapter’s 2018 goals and what was achieved. The review of the 2018 goals focused on specific categories including each of the Chapter’s Divisions, Chapter Committees, Administration and Office, Business Development/Government Affairs, along with Regional/Statewide/National goals.

Discussion of the Chapter’s 2019 goals, as well as long range planning also took place. There was active discussion by the entire Board, and we are looking forward to not only an exciting 2019, but digging into the future of our Chapter. All of us at the Chapter office appreciate the time and commitment of our entire Board of Directors (and the perseverance of their spouses and significant others), and we look forward to a successful 2019.

Peter Butler Joins the NorCal NECA Staff

On November 5th, Peter Butler joined the Northern California Chapter staff as the new Labor Relations Representative. Ryan will also be the new point of contact for the Stockton and Modesto Divisions.

Peter has spent the past two years working as a Field Representative in the Office of Congressman Jeff Denham 10th Congressional District of California. Prior to his time with Congressman Denham, Peter served for seven years with the United States Army, where he was Staff Sergeant from 2013 – 2014 and worked as the Medical Evaluation Platoon Non Commissioned Officer in Charge, maintaining accountability over 68 soldiers undergoing medical discharge from active Army Service.

Join us in welcoming Peter to the Chapter and please feel free to contact him via email.

Every Vote Counts!

The whole purpose of democracy is for every person to have a say in what goes on in our Country. Voting is an important right in our society! Make your voice heard and vote on November 6ht!

NECA to Host Post-Election Webinar on November 8th

NECA Votes 2018: What will happen and how will it affect your business?
The Senate once again at a tipping point. The House at its most perilous since 2010. The 2018 midterm election could change how business is done in Washington like never before. No matter how it turns out, this is certain: the results will have long lasting effects on the shape of the 116th Congress, you and your business. If you are asking what it may all mean to you, be sure to participate on this very important webinar. Registration is required! You will be able to view and access the webinar presentation by click here.