Chapter Awards:

Meritorious Service Award was established to honor individuals within the industry who distinguish themselves by demonstrating exceptional achievements that reach beyond the bounds of the Chapter. This distinguished professional will have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the advancement of the Electrical Industry.  In addition, this individual will have promoted and demonstrated their allegiance to our partnership with the IBEW.  The service provided will be in the nature of an unprecedented and clearly exceptional manner.  The outstanding efforts of this individual will emulate NECA’s Mission and Philosophy.

  • 2005   Terrell L. Givens, Jr.
  • 2006   Robert F. Daoust
  • 2009   Eugene C. Gini
  • 2010   Gary R. Walker
  • 2011   Lewis Frain
  • 2014   Don Campbell
  • 2016   Jess Zuniga

Gillespie Award was established to honor individuals for their years of dedicated service and outstanding contribution while serving the Northern California Chapter, NECA and the Electrical Contracting Industry.

  • 2007   Lorin W. Gillespie (Distinguished Service Award)
  • 2009   Richard F. McKinney
  • 2010   David L. Smith
  • 2011   Ron Kunkel
  • 2012   Randy Baracosa
  • 2013   Mel Switzer
  • 2014   John Riley
  • 2016   Jody Brahmst

Marv Jensen Safety Award was developed to recognize safety excellence demonstrated on projects within the Northern California Chapter, NECA. Marvin Jensen was a strong advocate of safety and demonstrated his dedication to safety awareness throughout his career.  He was a safety pioneer and his leadership, presence and dedication is missed and will always be remembered.


  • Manuel Martinez – Columbia Electric, Inc.
  • Leland Rogers – Rosendin Electric
  • Justin Neely – SilMan Construction
  • Steve Pedersen – SilMan Construction


  • Mike Wolff – Con J. Franke Electric
  • Brien Brown – Con J. Franke Electric
  • Timothy Osterdock – Lloyd F. McKinney Associates
  • Justin Neely – SilMan Construction
  • Steve Pedersen – SilMan Construction

National Awards:

Education Awards

In order to keep our members at the top of the industry, NorCal NECA’s Member Services Committee offers multiple courses and workshops throughout the year.  NECA Education seminars are the best education resources for all stages of an electrical contractor’s career.

2015    District IX Education Award

2016    NECA Education Distinguished Award


NECA Education Distinguished Award – in recognition of our commitment to the education of our members and for completing the most educational seminars among all NECA Chapters in the nation.

Western Region Education Award – in recognition of conducting the most educational seminars in the Eastern Region.

District IX Education Award – in recognition of conducting the most educational seminars in District IX.

Membership Awards:

NECA District IX Membership Award

2015    Most New Members

2016    Greatest Net Gain



The Academy of Electrical Contracting is one of the most prestigious affiliations within the industry.  It recognizes exceptional leadership, outstanding service, and numerous years of dedicated effort in the electrical contracting field.  Fellowship in the Academy is the single, highest honor in the electrical industry that may be bestowed upon a NECA member.

To learn more information about the Academy, please click here.

List of Fellows from the Northern California Chapter, NECA:

2015    Lewis Frain