NECAPAC Election Cycle Contribution Report

Founded in 1978, the National Electrical Contractors Association Political Action Committee (NECAPAC) has helped elect scores of industry-friendly members of Congress. The primary NECAPAC objective is to use funds to elect and support members of Congress whose political philosophy or position within the legislature are in support of NECA’s legislative objectives. A secondary objective is to use candidate selection and fund disbursement procedures in a manner that maximizes the interaction of NECA chapters and members with their national legislature.

2018 was the first time that NECAPAC collected more than $1 million in a single year, raising nearly $160,000 more than the previous record in 2015. Political Leadership Council membership increased by 26 members, giving NECA 111 maximum donors for the year. Six additional NECA Chapters met their NECAPAC goals in 2018, increasing the number of PLC Chapters to 51.

Please click here to review the 2017-2018 NECAPAC Election Cycle Contribution Report.