Don’t Ask This, Ask That

With the continuing labor shortage and new worker classifications, many NECA contractors are spending more time in the recruiting/interviewing role than ever before. Additionally, this function is moving down the ladder, away from the HR professionals, with superintendents and supervisors being asked to keep an eye for potential new hires to build up the work force.

The key to making a good hire, to finding the most qualified workers and placing them in the most appropriate position, is to ask questions. But asking questions has become a tricky issue within the hiring process, as the entire hiring process has become extremely complicated and regulated. Those in your company whose duties regularly include interviewing applicants obviously need to be trained to recognize and follow legal requirements. But every employee who could be in the position of representing the employer in the hiring process, such as a foreman approached on a job site by someone looking for a job, needs to have a clear understanding of what to say, what to ask, and what not to ask.

To help guide contractors and chapters through these questions and the entire hiring process, NECA’s attorneys have developed a Recommended Hiring Guide and a Separate Summary Overview that are available on the NECA website. These documents are an outline of issues related to the hiring process. They cannot be considered comprehensive enough to cover every situation and question and we recommend that you seek competent legal counsel to assure that your hiring practices comply with applicable federal, state and local law.