AECInspire “Lunch & Learn”

AECInspire is a cloud-based procurement solution that provides full visibility and access to your supply chain. A unified platform that connects teams, enhances workflows and tracks materials. AECInspire helps NECA Members be more profitable by enhancing their prefabrication and technology adoption through an educational program. The program is designed to provide a solid foundation of information for contractors that are just getting started, while still providing engaging content for those that may be further along in their prefab journey.

Date:  Thursday, April 6, 2023
Time:  11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Location:  NorCal NECA Office (7041 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 100, Pleasanton)

Ideal attendees for this Lunch & Learn include Executive Leadership & Preconstruction/Prefab Managers.

Part 1: Prefabrication and How it can Impact Your Business – In this portion of the Lunch & Learn, participants will receive an executive overview of:

  • Prefabrication levels
  • Standardized vs. Productized
  • Evolution of an assembly
  • Creating a configurator
  • Prefab & BIM/VDC teams’ skills
  • Your own vs. a 3rd party prefab

Part 2: Enabling Manufactured Assemblies from 2D – In this portion of the Lunch & Learn, participants will review:

  • Owning your own prefab
  • Third party prefab
  • Quick 3rd party start: MAP
  • Assemblies on-demand
  • (Little) investment
  • Jobsite logistics