Essential Infrastructure

Requirements for Essential Businesses

Essential businesses that continue to operate facilities within the six Bay Area Counties must create, post and implement a Social Distancing Protocol for each facility frequented by employees or the public, using the template attached to the Order, which can be found here. Essential businesses must also provide a copy of their Social Distancing Protocol to all employees and must provide evidence of its implementation to any authority encoring the Order on demand.

Further NECA has put together the following Guidelines for Constructions Projects that Remain Operational. NECA’s General Counsel put together a Coronavirus Contractor Liability alert detailing best practices to avoid liability during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Essential Services Employee Travel

NECA has drafted this generic letter that an employer could provide to their employees, in the event of a lock down, that they are employed in an essential service and are able to be at work per the executive order. Every state and/or locale may have slightly different requirements, but this should be a good starting point. You will need to amend the letter to fit your specific needs.

Further, SmithCurrie & Hancock LLP has put together an Essential Services Employee Travel form, for contractors to complete and print for personnel to carry with them. The form is drafted for use in California.